Monthly Archives: December 2017

“Untitled 253”

Immediately when I gain happiness, I always get the impulsive fear that it will go away. I tried thinking of what exactly to call this — it’s fear, obviously, but it’s the fear of an unknown thing, and seeing as it exists within a realm of happiness, it can’t technically be classified as anxiety. Anyway, […]

“College Football Playoff Betting Sheet (110 pts possible)”

* Seeing as how corrupt college basketball is now, I’m hoping that this bowl game betting system will take off and replace those filthy, diseased, Calipari-infested “brackets” we used to know and love. This betting game is based on points, the object being to accumulate as many points, out of 110, as possible. There are […]

“Caught in Charlotte’s Web”

Amidst this stifling CAVE Of self-esteem and “Solid upbringing” Sometimes It’s better To just lash the whole thing to the ground And realize, Christ, You probably freakin’ want the same Thing as the next guy.

“Ergonomics Hidden”

One man’s part of another man is a slim vertex. An angled edge of a hair feather Where on he meets an agreement In passing graces or delusions

“On Fear and Foreignness”

I used to live by the mountains, in Boulder, Colorado, with my mom. I remember how I’d felt before we moved out there — I thought, well, I’ll take acid and run up and down the mountain all the time. When we got there, when I actually sized it up, I was scared to do […]