Monthly Archives: September 2020

“So Cam Newton Haters, it Might Like Really Be Time to Suck it! Jazz Hands!”

We’re sitting here today on the heels of a 36-20 Patriots win over the Raiders (it’s still weird thinking of Cam Newton as the “Patriots quarterback” since that was Tom Brady for 20 or so years and to my knowledge the Patriots have never started a black quarterback in their history). Given that Cam Newton […]

“What Would Be the Answer to the Answer Land?”

It’s funny to think of entities in our world coming into existence. That is, a table comes from wood, and wood comes from trees, but what do trees come from? And if your life is composed of letting other people tell you how to dress, looking at numbers and computing them, and keeping a “company […]

“This is the Time of Year for Getting down to Brass Tacks”

I was lying in bed one night, wondering why they didn’t have a vaccine for AIDS. I’d just seen a story on Facebook, in September 2020, “Most Americans to be vaccinated for COVID by July,” meaning 2021. It was even a couple of months ahead of schedule. And I didn’t get into discussion of who […]

“Dispatching from 2020”

She stands as something That’s been scrubbed of animosity In a tie-dyed sanitation mask And we make great conversation, She high-fives me with her left hand (Which is maybe more casual than the right) And her body is what I like but . God damn I like a lot of things on this night Like […]

“A Word or Two on Genius”

There is a question of whether, For black people, American experiences can be “ingenuous.” . If they are, Then Black people Truly have a home here. . Black people in America, Though, Typically, Are the leaders in arts, . And for artists, Experiences are fake, And their creations offer a foil Within the realm of […]

“Applying for the History Books”

In your mind Is a fractal figment So base, So infinitesimal, . That it Can naught exist But in the spotlight and Among hordes of sweaty animals, Hoisting protest signs and Gathering press in Lashing out against your own natural miscellany.