Monthly Archives: May 2020

“I Try”

You try and That’s the truly heinous act, . With your wedding dress Cut low exposing The sides of explosive, Decadent breasts, . Or coming up to me in the bar Looking like . The surface of the sun, Rapaciously inundating my senses With the horrors of nature and The dizzying orchard of woman’s beauty. […]


It’s the COVID again, Still, “Agstill,” If you will, . I’m in Kohl’s in the market for Literally one t shirt, . Find it in the Form Of A Rolling Stones . After sifting through Myriad Childish shirts of Ninja turtles and Superman . Which for some Reason were fitted to adults, . Finally Find […]

“It Was 67 Degrees and Sunny on May 30”

My hometown calls me back and I have one beer at Corby’s, Then walk up Colfax toward downtown And see what’s going on there.   A 16 year old black kid is riding by me on his bike, Calls me a cop for some unknown reason Despite the fact that I hate cops And have […]

“Shrapnel Face”

It’s that smile — It’s that smile that really scares me As the eyes splay out In abysses of unfeeling malaise Like dark black vacuums That plunge you depths of Inhuman torpor.   It is a being That consumes wine but does not get drunk, Shoveling shelves of panic On to your sun,   It […]

“You May Never Waste Your Energy again”

The well dressed man Came along And suggested That I was wasting my energy Doing things that weren’t going to pay off in the long run, Doing things that didn’t make sense, He had an electronic notebook In his imaginary pocket and You Might Say He Had all the answers as I traipsed by him […]