Monthly Archives: July 2018

“Little Martha”

In the Bar Is a girl working Whose face reminds me of The Allman Brothers song “Little Martha.” . One time I caught her eyes And I think we spoke a little and She was friendly like All the girls are here in Indiana, Especially the ones who are bored bartending. . The breasts are […]

“Class of 2002”

We are the only class that was in high school during both Columbine and 9/11. We tend to talk little. We wiggle a finger around, Meditate and look at the wall, Constructed of fragile fibers, Blood flowing within vessels to Serenade crazy, gushing thoughts that Illuminate the empty world. Between the good of us is […]


Around the corner the woman comes like a bomb And she is unpredictable, With inexplicably beautiful eyes, Eyes which give to contact, Eyes which glow with pain and Volcanic fury, Volcanic understanding, . She articulates new words and makes cookies And You swear you were ok but You want to fu** her like a thunderstorm, […]

“Pointing out the Inevitability of the Suicidal in Danticat and Elsewhere”

Edwidge Danticat opens “Without Inspection,” for which I must thank a text-featuring e-mail from the trusty New Yorker, by introducing a character who is plunging to his death. The author then proceeds to elaborate on the character’s mindset, with little anecdotes like Arnold’s (the main character’s) aversion to having too many material possessions, things which […]

“Well, Here We Go”

You will see How the adornments of life Are complex But how the heart of man Is simple — . You will see Why We Have all these Neon lights and Why we have This life in general Of masking and Subsuming in sound buzzing, Smiling coyly under fathoms of clothes, Fully glimpsing all this everything […]

“The Stillness of a Provincial Restaurant”

While game two of the 2018 College World Series Finals was going on I was busy sitting in front of my TV and watching it, continually eating massive mounds of chicken wings and working on a 12 pack of Blue Moon bottles, which I’d eventually finish. In playing, in little league, I had a couple […]

“Why People Golf”

If for some reason You were to lose all your love, All the magic and then just exist As one more of these forms In constant competition, In constant, pointless struggle, Trying as something separate, Unrelated and dead Toward the same things As those others sames around you, That would certainly be a tragedy

“The Young Women’s Faces on the Bandcamp New Surf Rock Wave Page”

The one girl eyes something That is not quite the camera Her gaze oozing out in symmetrical blue spheres Toward something 30 feet back and five to the left About which she feels no disposition, . To mirror a bandmate Who sits with a foot up on a seat In shorts, All faces Suspended across […]

“To Worship an Aesthetic”

When you say that the day is going by slowly and that you are bored, You are hoping that what comes next, The night, And the next day, Will be full of some renown which exists in the back of your mind as an ideal, But is actually the opposite of this life in which […]