Monthly Archives: September 2016

“Pale Blue and Pink”

The intrinsic qualities, They flow and flow, Until only a fool would attempt morality, Unless of course morality Is just a light color in someone’s eyes On a snowy November morning, Lamenting inwardly, Roadside at the grace be gone And then looking back toward the town, At nothing in particular.

“One for the Grateful Dead”

What happens to the snow When you take acid one more time, On those February mornings of glistening sun, Blinding reflections . Shading us from the view of reality Which they will instill in us all the time, Of our imminent sinfulness, The so noxious rays we give off When we were sure we were […]

“Thinking Animal”

I have to let go of everything I’ve ever been, Because to grasp that thing you were in the past That IS ego, And I have seen ego as being the pestilence, The paradox of present absence, An impossible, furtive seed

“Suspended Tea Twigs”

At what point in the day is joy GUARANTEED, When there would be food for everyone and Good thoughts that yes, what, well, The sky is my eyes And Ford Aerostars rumble slightly Down dirt paths of nature’s collusion With the wife putting down her phone To the side rest, Not knowing what to do, […]

“The Sun Unfolds”

After reading about so many “remarkably cosmopolitan educations,” You start to realize why there are class differences in the first place, And why there is anger, Education amounting to an obstinately dormant social rule knowing Nothing of the black man’s smile As he parts from the parking garage With a gaiety unknown to the third […]


I was sort of surprised that they referred to any of these creatures as “women.” Their faces seemed grey, under the endless gloomy sky, under the burden of daunting work weeks which they’d escape by indulging in corporately endorsed products. Here and there, one more thing, and nothing really meant much. I was admiring, though, […]

“Submitting to the General Public Will: Does This Apply to Women and Sex, Too”

Oh God, my jaw is bent out of shape and unsubstantial, and I quit chewing tobacco, but once in a while I’ll still throw one in: and I have to be careful then not to let it form into a habit all over again. The stuff is addictive in many ways, one of which is […]

“Curvature’s Candor”

Things will once again simplify — So rejoice and be glad For the natural cycles of life, And the ordeal of staring at sweaty palms In the middle of summer, Only to trade places with them And feel their smiles Before autumn’s chill of Ciders, blankets, rhapsodies.