Monthly Archives: September 2018

“A Rounded Arc is the Most Belabored Path around a Vertex”

The everyday behavior In this dog eat dog world When rendered as the self’s ideal Is of a devil And the kindness Which materializes in unsuspected reservoir Is an anxiety – That waste matter you Tried to shed from your box of knives when you Couldn’t help but shine

“Honeychain Night”

  The frat row in Terre Haute, Indiana Is interspersed with inexplicable closeness With the grid-bound innards of the municipality In a way that makes no sense —   I sit here in my apartment having all night taken in Sounds of dogs, trains, curmudgeons and little kids And now, at 1:28 A.M., There is […]

“Listening to Beach House by the River”

I don’t like you Quite as much as I used to Because you hung on to my ions and We became so intertwined that Inside your outer shell Your essence became my very spirit and anxiety, Half of which always just was Wondering how we ever got in this form In the first place And […]