Monthly Archives: February 2017

“Turning the Page of the Calendar”

I pop my fist up at the thought of “government”… In wanting to sing a song, I am having a song sung to me. And it is a song that knows it’s bad, Like the derelict given voice In a cancerous era. . And now as a moth Climbing along walls All I ever wanted […]

“The Individual,”

Animal mission When malls lay silent for Christmas And ices matte the bridges and skyscrapers Laughing at urgency She says things in a mocking, A receptive cockatoo ensigned in Missions of reductions, To look past, Always past, Around the backs of the naked pine trees Which keep turning As if to hide their plainness and […]

“Your Kindness, Like a Disease”

Your kindness, Like a disease, Makes tinny flatulation With swatches Then . To nestle Themselves Amidst the floor boards And we wonder Will the apocalypse be beautiful Or is this it already

“Mother Fuckin’ Bastard”

I think of it all, Like the still, Endless Days in Colorado, Partly cloudy Days Back in Indiana Walking around the County City Building With a fat Mexican Practically Screaming at me, There’s nothing here for you, Your very existence, and slightest manifestation of strife, Is predicated on intricate paradigms of transgression Constructed by the […]

“The Most Vibrant Neighborhood in Town”

We were walking down that one random street, again. We didn’t even know what was on the street. It was just sort of the walking down it that appealed to us. And this was what we knew deep down, in our inner souls. It was like what God would do if he were fastened down […]

“On Fertile Land”

It will have been the land of 10,000 bit tongues,Tattooed more colors than is even possibleWith life deescalated to a street address warMore quickly than the paradigm Post will ever report,.The land of eating your own throw-upBehind barbed wires of invisible hate,Each day devoted to finding a secret,Finding a way aroundReality,Around moth-like buzzings to the […]

“The Blending”

How foolish my conversation with the sun is,Now,That it should be emulating my movements,Showing me, just by suggestions,What I did 17 February’s agoApparently so steadfast but whichHad seemed so commonplace and hopelessAs I was staring at the gravel knowingOnly dusty straightaways.

“A Not-So-Brief List of Prevalent Logical Fallacies Common in America Circa 2017”

* No EVEN MORE idiotic opinions were harmed in the writing of this blog post. They just weren’t mentioned at all. .. “The system is fu**ed.”This is something I hear with a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters. Just the other night, I was in a bar discussing politics with this guy who’d professed being in […]

“For Someone”

May the sun cradle your hopesAnd exhilarate your pores,And may you neverHave a careIn the world..I haveShownYou the ditch I dig,The mines I probe,And the chasm I keep,And .SomehowWithin youAll the electric lightsHave fed youAnd bled themselvesWith true colors,.I see your smile in a photoAnd I turn my hand up to the sky,Electrical clouds wavingLike […]