Monthly Archives: December 2015


It’s all a game but oh The game is what Makes it a splendor, Being kissed by sunlight In the only order that Is disorder, the things Proven to satiate The same to . Snipe. The tunic Of responsibility You wear begins when you’re Sitting there as an offspring and Just giving, giving that Gold […]

“Garish Brown Lipstick”

How I could use a woman tonight To relieve me of my misery On this night when sleet patters the roof And wind whips the branches into a damned dry tizzy, A woman wise and glaring In garish brown lipstick Crouching in a plaid top And jeans, A woman’s whole body Just to come and […]


Born a young branch By society, . If you were to be coerced, It would oversee In the painted horizons The thousands of moanings Your belly felt of hunger, The correctness imbued from your parents’ eyes Drawing your fits into the fledgling.

“I Can Hear Hockey Quelling Those Annoying Indianapolis People”

How does this song go? I keep listening to it, and listening to it — the skates stabbing against the ice, the sound of crushed bones walloping the boards, the collective, syncopated breathing. Notre Dame, the college up here where I’m at, is perennially rated one of the top “jock” schools in America, and truly, […]

“In the Rain Wound Flimsily”

Honky-tonkin’ up the tin hill, You can slide down easily And you make a sound easily And there ain’t no point in doin’ it Other than your brother wants to


Thank you To whoever taught me to foster whole truths, Everything that’s there, And not just the pursuit of an activity. . As we stand firm So sure that we’re separate, Breezes are passing through us Too Bending our minds like ocean sails.