Monthly Archives: May 2017

“The Flora and Fauna in Incognizant Motion”

Always Wanted To be a good boy I never talked Looked down Said thank you and had Dreams of flying a plane Far over dark territory And firing missiles Scourging the planet of the pestilence Like A cold, steel America To be forever At one with the void but Slackerdom Knows No bounds so I […]

“Untitled 209”

When walking down the street in life, it helps to not have a person on your back, says the amateur who’s never carried anybody.

“What the TV Can’t See”

The World Standing naked In All Its impossible complication Shines blankly into my eye, . Bestowing no feeling and Comprising of various seemingly unrelated entities Which like a computer I absorb and assess as a Prelude to a bastion of fear, As the sages pronounce apocalypse.