“It’s 66 Degrees out and Sunny”

There was this girl today in Whole Foods

Issuing an ear-piercing, vitriolic

Peal of screaming for

About seven minutes or so.


The dad was standing there

Not really doing much of anything,

Just attempting to reprimand the girl,



It just made it worse.


I heard something she uttered

During the din

And it was

“They’re going to kill me.”


All day,

Grown men

Had been ambulating around me

With gaits which I thought indicated

Homicidal essences, like

Grasping for the satisfaction

Of the finality

Of killing,

The transcendence



In sending somebody

Into the transformation



Entrance into the next life.


The incident with the girl

Seems to be isolated

For now

But I’d been seeing the same thing

All day

On May 23rd of 2024.

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